Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha

Blue Moon III: Call of the Alpha - A.E. Via This book was provided by Via Star Wings Publishing and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

Two years later. A lot of things can happen. I know this to be true. I love when books fit into my world in a timely manner. This one fits perfectly. Ms. Via is at it again. Danger, guns,

explosions. Yes, the beautiful men are back in full force. There are parts in this book that are straight laugh out loud funny. As always, Ms. Via had me all over the place emotionally. Laughing, holding my breath, and cringing (in a suspenseful way). I was immensely pleased. This is the end of a wonderful series. Of course when an author ends a series, there is a bit of sadness. I will be revisiting Blue Moon often.

Fate. She is a cruel mistress. I think she goes in the back and takes a swig of ouzo and tequila before she half-ass reveals her plans to those worthy of knowing. Laughing as she watches us wait and continue down the path she has set before us. Omega, my dear lovely one. He needs a master, a leader. This submission in its purest form. Not the kind that is so frequently written about. This is a powerful man, but he is a soul that needs guidance and love to temper the wildness in his heart. Lion gives this to him so freely. Balance. Lion provides that. Coming full circle and floundering in a life he doesn’t understand, Omega struggles. I know that feeling. It is heavy. You want to adapt to the world around you, yet you see no place to fit in. Lion returns Omega’s purpose. His reason for living. In that he gifts him the love he denied himself. Alpha steps aside with all the grace his title bestows upon him. The pride he has in his brother shines so brightly.

We get a view of daily life for Call and Alpha. To say the least, it was fascinating. The humility in which Alpha submits to Call is inspiring. I love the interaction between them. The longing is palpable. Pierce surprised me. There comes a point when mercy is for the weak. Seeking absolution is a waste. Sweet Pierce delivers a sentence worthy of kings and queens. I was shocked.

To fight at the side of your beloved, be it with swords and guns or with pen and ink; knowing that you are right where you are meant to be.