Match Point

Match Point - Leigh Carman Book provided by Leigh Carman and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

Sandy beaches and a tragic death. Questionable tequila quality and use start this book out with a bang. The melodrama flows heavily. Kinda like a Lifetime movie. Explosive arguments and even a little fist fighting to boot.

This is story deals in life, death, acceptance, love, moving on, and understanding. These themes are interwoven throughout the entire book. Death of a lover, death of a marriage. Accepting who you are. Understanding the motives of your significant other. Love of each other. Moving on and keeping the past in the rearview.

Finn’s grief manifested into heavy alcohol use and becoming a recluse. The author manages to make this uncomfortable to read. I was really hoping to get a cry in and id didn’t happen. Greif is personal; how it is displayed varies like snowflakes. Finn slowly begins to heal. He is angry and it shows; like a hurricane swelling and trying to dissipate.

What is truly appreciated is that Finn is not healed through the power of cock or the kiss of the whip. He heals through understanding and love. The honesty he shares with his parents and siblings. Dex makes a few missteps and still manages to recover from them. He and Finn talk and argue like many couples do. They learn to understand each other and that is key to any relationship working. This is borderline “love conquers all” motif. I say borderline because honesty is needed when coming to terms with who you are as person.

They do not go blindly into the happily ever after. They go into their happily ever after with eyes wide open.