Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Jay Northcote This book was provided by Signal Boost Promotions and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

1. Read this book √
2. Contemplate my love of listing things √
3. Smile about the fact that I love to do lists as much as Dev √
4. Write Review √

This was a fun book. I really enjoyed the quirks that Dev was given. I also adore his full name. Devarim. Sounds like a wizard or a faerie prince. What really worked for me in this book was the realness of Dev’s idiosyncrasies. His love of numbers and lists was quite fascinating. I think he might even be OCD (not the social media version). That really takes a backseat to what the story is about.

The voicing of this book was great as well. It had (in my mind) a bit of an Oxford lilt. I just loved it. It maintained a great and consistent rhythm that made this a very easy and quick read.

I know I have talked about Dev a little, but I want to talk about him more. He is the kind of young man I hope my nephew grows into. Smart, sweet, and just a bit too literal. I adore that about him. I had a literal phase. Making lists helped. But I was took things as delivered. It is hard to grow out of that. I did eventually. Ewan, the young Scot next door. My oh my. Nothing like a big ginger (my favorite). He is not into maths either. He is my number 6 on my book boyfriend list (I typically like them older). He is a straight up a doll. I liked the way he defended Dev’s honor and gave that arse a piece of his mind. He is gentle with Dev even when he realizes his heart has inadvertently made on to the list.

This is college romance done well. Truth be told I never had it that good.