The Runaway Gypsy Boy

The Runaway Gypsy Boy - Brina Brady This book was provided by Signal Boost Promotions and was read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

I love well researched fiction. I truly do. This book goes into the pile of damn good research. It was smartly written as well. I really can’t ask for more than that. I rarely provide quotes, but in this case I will. “I’m going to introduce my cock to your cock today. That’s all…Now our cocks are introduced.” I laughed. I really did. I love this kind of writing. It is unexpected, coarse, and stately. There are few who can pull this type of wording off flawlessly.

Let us talk about Daniel, the sweet and innocent Romani Gypsy. He is innocent in the ways of love and of the common world. In his short life he has seen and experience horrors I would not wish on my worst enemy. Yet, he manages to love. He slowly learns to live out loud. I love his innocence and his questions.

He isn’t simple; he is simply not worldly. This is where Roan comes in. The big Irish bear. Hard, controlling, and a bit cynical. He spots Daniel and sees him, really sees him. Now some may take offense to the opening scene where we meet Roan, but in the world of fantasy we can have it. It is a leather daddy version of sweeping one of one’s feet. Daniel’s innocence lets him submit with his heart. Of course, he tries to top from the bottom; in the end I think he realizes that in Roan’s world, he is the beginning and the end.

There is suspense and thrill with a little bit of mystery. Loving moments that make me think of humming “At Last” by Etta James.