Misinformation - Keelan Ellis This book was provided by Keelan Ellis and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

This is a timely story. It reads something like a tell all. The news business is seedy, we all know that. This was entertaining. A little heavy, but handled with grace and understanding. The characters are well developed and had surprising depth. This isn’t the story of a closeted man and his evil scheming ex-wife. This is about a man who comes to terms with himself and his love. It was touching.

Ethan reminds me of Anderson Cooper. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Down to earth and unsure of himself; he is strong and weak at the same time. He is doing a job that he loves for a stations he dislikes. I give him props. I would have spun cleanly the hell out. No doubt about it. Charlie, the sweet tattooed elementary school teacher. His heart is as big as the ocean. His understanding was inspiring. His understanding of Ethan’s job and of his child. He was not self-sacrificing in his understanding, which was very refreshing to read.

A lover like Charlie comes along once in a great while. Sweet, understanding, and has backbone. That is what we all want. Someone who loves in spite of our short-comings. Perceived or actual. Love of a partner is what makes continues to makes us great; what the world thinks becomes less important; what our chosen love thinks becomes the world. Ethan, in his own right isn’t weak. His confidence in his love life was shaken. With Charlie he found it. I am happy that he did.

There are bittersweet moments in this book make this story.