After The Snap

After The Snap - Peyton Miller Book provide by Peyton Miller and read on behalf of Thorns and Ink.

This is a hard read in the beginning. It addresses the issue of abuse of authority in the first chapter. For some, this might be a put off. Coach Harris is the villain in this, make no mistake and his behavior is deplorable. The interesting thing is that this does not ruin Seth’s chance at love. The other part that was a hard read comes a little later in the book. It involves Colby. It is a near miss, but again life is filled with them.

Now, I am not a football fan. This book has just the right amount of detail to make it interesting about the sport without being overwhelming. I really can’t ask for more than that. You have a few practices and games depicted, but it isn’t over the top.

On to the characters. Seth Mercer is our football player. He is sweet and humble. He has that southern charm that would make anyone swoon. The subject of homosexuality in the ranks of the NFL has been prevalent in recent years. The author has done her homework. Seth’s behavior is very believable. Colby Larson is our love interest and financial planner. He is a little cynical and trusting at the same time. He goes in with his eyes open. When he is able to put 2 and 2 together it is beautiful, frank, and quite real.

The sex was loving and passionate with both partners participating equally. I do enjoy well-crafted sex scenes.

If you love the San Diego Chargers or football in general this is a great choice. I’ll see you on the 50 yard line cheering Seth and Colby on.