Flame, The

Flame, The - Christopher  Rice, Phil Gigante, Natalie Ross This book was provided by Christopher Rice and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

What is my heart’s desire? That was answered quickly and cleanly within this book. I have danced around this flame once and it was amazing. Why are we so quick to want to label every little thing in our lives? That is the question that kept circling in my mind as I listened to this book. It is remaining with me now. I want to get philosophical, but this isn’t the place.

This was is a wonderful audio. The voicing is perfect. That is something that I can rarely say about audiobooks. Something always ends up being off in a big way for me. The advantage I have here is that I haven’t read this. So I don’t have any reference with my imagination. For a second I was on the fence with the voicing of Andrew, but I think I was looking for something artificial. I like that it was read in tandem. That heightened the suspension of reality. From the beginning I was involved (that is a rarity for me and audiobooks). The supernatural is at play here. This is contemporary with a twist.

For this story we have Cassidy, Andrew, and Shane. There is all of this dexterous going on. They all get trapped in their heads. Labels, labels, labels. Fuck them. Who needs them? A feeling is but a feeling until we define what it is. The realness of what we are feeling comes to mind. The exploration of emotion and sex. I don’t want to give them sexual labels. I don’t; since we as humans need more beyond what the rest of the animal kingdom needs I will. Andrew and Shane, I would say that they are flexible on their respective ends of the sexual spectrum. Their attraction born out of love. Andrew’s love of Shane and Shane’s love of Cassidy. Andrew knew marrying Cassidy that she and Shane are a package deal. No way around it. Cassidy has the love of her life Andrew and Shane. Shane was, I think her first love and Andrew, taking her breath away.

Ah, the supernatural twist I mentioned. It comes in the form of a candle. Innocent and dangerous. Centuries of providing light, wisdom, and fear. Bastion, the shop keep that gifts this to Cassidy is a bit of a mystery. I love the voicing of him as well. Warm, just enough creep to make me shiver. The underlying current of the unknown made my heart race. I want forever for them. I can’t help it. Their relationship is beyond a walk on the wild side to me.

I could go into how deeply this moved me. I’ll save that for another day. I will say that in fiction there is some shred of reality. Not for the author, but for the reader. This book resonated with me.