Bryan & Jase

Bryan & Jase - A.D.  Ellis ARC provided by AD Ellis and read on behalf of Thorns and Ink

This was a wonderful book and an even better story. I am prior service so it touched home in a different way. Seeing a few friends hide love and who they are is always heart breaking. The strength that both Bryan and Jase exhibited was amazing. I can honestly say that even at Jase’s weakest points he still showed emotional loyalty. The emotional toll of hiding love because of judgement and career can be crippling. I was sure at one point Jase would cave, he didn’t. He held on to Bryan’s love like a raft in the stormiest of weather. Bryan, offered unwavering support, jumping into the role of father, lover, and mate. He excelled in all the ways that we wish for. Sweet little Gray. He reminded me of my own nephew (who is a few years older than the character). Smart, sweet, and innocent like a child should be. He is a demonstration of what all children have before they are burden with adult beliefs.

The characters were all very well developed and quite believable. No flowery language, yet you can feel the love they have for each other. This is a story of common men in today’s society living and loving in ways we can all understand.

If you are looking for love with a bit of suspense and please take a chance here. You will be happy you did.