Quarry (The Vampire Guard Book 2)

Quarry (The Vampire Guard Book 2) - Elizabeth Noble This book was provided by the author and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

OMG, the action doesn’t stop. Here we are six months later, the boys are on to a new assignment and the action takes a technological spin. This is where my sweetheart Blair shines. A genius that one. Declan, Jonas, and Lucas all spend time in the spotlight, Blair out does them all.

Ms. Noble, swings right into the fun, and again she has me page after page in this gripping story. I like the spin that this takes. Mysteries from the past, a little cold case action, and of course a sword fight.

Now that I have talked about the action, let’s talk about content. This is important. This book contains established couples. I love that. No mating/binding heat. No sex every other page. You can see the love, friendship, understanding, and intimacy clearly in the world Ms. Noble has created. This is what is so appealing about this book (and the series as a whole). She doesn’t use the physical act of sex to show intimacy. I know, how else would we know the bonded couples love each other? Through actions. That is how we know.

I don’t want to spoil the end. Safe to say it was beautifully simple. In all of the excitement, the characters, and mine, it was moving. I love what Ms. Noble shows the readers in the end. It made me so very happy.

A Techie, a Doctor, a Soldier, a Spy. I am excited to see what they get into next.