Mate Call

Mate Call - Amber Kell This book was provided by Signal Boost Promotions and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

Dragons in space!

No secret that I have a soft spot for shifter stories. Ms. Kell is always reliable when it comes to shifters. She is, without a doubt one of my favorite authors when it comes to the bountiful world of the supernatural.

Colton, my sweet and very smart boy. Right out of the gate he had me smiling. I don’t want to spoil the story, but the little dragon spits fire and ice on his first shift. He was so cute. Just darling in his new found form. He is as stubborn as a kitten. I very much enjoyed seeing it.

Ah yes, his mate. A dragon in mourning. The sadness comes of in waves. Colton is the silver lining in the haze of grief Zeir is under. Zeir has a prosperous kingdom and all he is really missing is his mate. The sadness and devastation of the past keeps him in dragon form. What happened with Seltin was quite understandable. His actions were cowardly, but flight or fight kicks in and survival becomes very important.

This was a fast and easy read. The story flows sweet ease. This is the kind of story you want on a lazy Saturday night. Heartbreak does heal only if you are willing to face the past and move on.