Code Name Jack Rabbit

Code Name Jack Rabbit - Elizabeth  Noble Doctor Spy Thief Detective

This has a wonderful setup. I engaged from the very beginning. I love a good setup and this was reminiscent of Tinker Tailor Solider Spy by George Smiley. Blair (doctor), Declan (thief), Lucas (doctor), and Forge (spy) make a very good team. Each bringing a skill to the table for Akhkharu Nasaru: The Vampire Guard. The recruit process was quite interesting. I was sure one of them was done for, but that was just the beginning. Cloak and dagger all the way.

Three vampires and a werewolf. Most of the time when we see this combination, there is some kind of ancient war or something going on. The ability to be themselves changes the world around them. I could tell you who is what, but why? Half the fun is guessing who is really what. The pairings work so well. There is a bond between the four that is steady. While others are not able to guess which way they are heading, within themselves they are predictable.

You, dear reader are finding out what happens as the do. Nothing like trying to figure out the mystery before it happens. I had my suspicions in the beginning. Was I right? Only a little. This is where mythos and research become important. This is a well-researched plotline. No doubt about it. The examples of technology are on hit.

This is where I talk about the characters. Well I loved them all. Even the bad guys. The shining jewel in this is the Akhkharu Nasaru: The Vampire Guard. Science/technology, spycraft, and mythos meet in the middle. A delicious Venn diagram feeding my happy nerdy soul. (Who doesn’t love Star Trek references?) The James Bond feeling is perfect. The nod to all those secret organizations real and imagined are captured in a new and inventive manner.

This is your recruitment call. Are you in?