This Wish Tonight

This Wish Tonight - Jude Dunn, Wendy Rathbone, J. Scott Coatsworth, Gregory L. Norris This book was provided by Mischief Corner Books and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

A good holiday anthology is often hard to come by. So many times they are filled with the standard holiday clichés. This anthology is different. Its grouping is based on the classic Christmas Wish. Here, we travel to a far off planet, survive a viral apocalypse, and live in the here and now. This is a wonderful introduction (for me) to each author; if you happen to be a fan, this is a great showcase of their talents. I will certainly be going to their back-lists.

I bet you want to know what story sang to me. I can’t tell you that, because they all did, Each story is so very different, and yet they stay together around the central theme. Each story spoke to be through a different voice. I was longing for space travel, a little show, and a world where we become more understanding.

Eve of the Great Frost was reminiscent of Alexander the Great, while Wonderland had me thinking about the fate we as humanity create for ourselves. Fear of Fire brought me the heroic angel who was just doing his job.

In all of this I want to talk about the characters that had me swooning. Zeke, the big lovely bear. My goodness. He was sweet, resourceful, and above all, understanding. His seemingly unasked wish was simple. Here Mr. Coatsworth demonstrates the difference of being alone, and being lonely.

Rin, the conquering spaceman. He reminded me of Alexander the Great. I don’t know if that was Ms. Rathbone’s intention, but I am swooning over him. Calculating, and kind of an asshole. Wise beyond youth and selfish. All the things that a conqueror should be.

Oscar, my swoon worthy heroic angel. He was just doing his job. He is humble and sweet. He thinks that it is just a job, but to his wish, he is more than that. He is the angel in the dark. He is everything we dream of in a firefighter being and more. Mr. Norris shows that hope and faith will go a long way to make the world a better place.

My wish tonight, and for the new year is that you find your happiness. There will be sadness along the way, but it is there. Waiting for when you least except it.