Nothing Special V

Nothing Special V - A.E. Via This book was provided by the author and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

I feel like a need a “big voice” while I write this review. You know, the movie theatre voice that announces the latest action flick? Some of my favorite Alpha boys are back with bigger guns and even bigger romance. Ms. Via takes about 18 months into the future with the Atlanta PD’s Narcotics Division. The group has settled in a routine of sorts and now we have one left, Tech.

As you know, I don’t do spoilers. So HA!, You have to read it to believe how the plot goes. She keeps the octane high. Just when you think there is a little break, BAM! Ms. Via throws another twist. Whew, the excitement.

It is always fascinating to me how readers interpret characters. I didn’t like Steele at first. He was humble enough, sure. But in my mind, there was something underlying about him, that I felt. I couldn’t put my finger on it. The more I read, the more I got over the initial feelings I had about him. I still have the lingering feeling that he is going to break someone’s neck about Tech though.

Ah, Tech. He floated in the background so much, I had almost forgotten about him. He is a computer genius. He rivals one of my other favorites. I don’t know who I imagined with him. I suppose someone kind of like God (Cashel Godfrey). A great big bear. It turns out Tech doesn’t need saving or protection. He just needed an opportunity to show his skills in all of their glory.

The romance between Tech and Steele may come of stilted, but I lend this to the characters’ personalities. At first I was a little miffed. Honestly I don’t know what I was thinking at the time. I guess I was excepting some instant mattress burning, but Tech was stand-offish in the beginning. I would have been the same way. In fact, some of Tech’s behaviors were not unlike my own.

What I really like about this one is that it ties up some loose ends neatly and opens the next chapter. Ms. Via pulls a very nice slight of hand with the set up for the next series. I was really impressed. It takes a lot of guts to have a happy ending and a cliffhanger barely a page apart. Oh, and do keep reading pass the end, there is a sweet treat at the end.

Men, romance, guns, and action.