Brody & Nick: Something About Him

Brody & Nick: Something About Him - A.D. Ellis, Andrea Michelle No secret that I was active duty. I have seen people get married to move off base. Matches made in hell really. And yes, the squadron commander was watching them like a hawk. Now the Air Force is slightly more lax when it comes to airmen moving of base, but still you have men and women in their early 20s making some not so great decisions when it comes to this

I wanted to slap the shit out of Brody. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to just ask him, “What is going on in that brain of yours?”. I was outdone. Just speechless at the proposal. It reminded me of some of the experiences of my fellow airmen I was stationed with. (I was 21 going into basic with a degree.) Brody is sweet, but he doesn’t always see past himself. He means well and that is important, but he just doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Did I tell you I wanted to slap him? I still do.

Nick and Addie are somewhat bystanders in Brody’s decision making process. I really liked both of them. I wouldn’t mind having friends like them. Honest, caring, and above all, never getting sick of my bullshit. (Wait, I do have friends like that.) Nick is a hard worker and continuously puts others needs above his own. Selfless to a fault. It amazes me that he hadn’t been totally taken advantage of on a large scale before. I think this is where Brody gets over. Nick’s selflessness (and wanting to save a buck. What college student wouldn’t?).

Addie is one of the characters that helps the story along. She is the voice of sanity in all of this craziness. (I hope she gets her love. I would like to see her in love.)

If you love something very much
Let it go free.
If it does not return, it was not meant to be yours.
If it does return, love it as hard as you can for the rest of your life.