Braeton & Drew: Something About Him

Braeton & Drew: Something About Him - A.D. Ellis, Andrea Michelle This book was provided by A.D. Ellis and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

I love catching up. It gives me the warm happies. In this book, Ms. Ellis has not only delivered on her promise to catch us up; she has given Braeton his happily ever after and then some. I know with the holidays just around the corner, we are tending to read more holiday themed stories. This story, though not holiday themed brightened a dreary and cold Saturday for me. This is the perfect holiday read.

It is a celebration of living. It is a celebration of understanding. It is a celebration in forgiveness and moving on. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few moments I could have strangled both Braeton and Drew. Once again, Ms. Ellis portrays her characters in such a realistic manner. Their actions and emotions draw you in. Just when I thought, “Don’t do that”, the characters react in ways that are unequivocally believable. She had me on edge with what most would call a disaster of a date. The burdens of date planning. whether you are married, in a committed relationship, or just in the beginning stages of getting to know someone; it is a daunting task. Braeton makes a few mistakes. His intentions are honest and that can’t be overlooked.

Drew reminds me a bit of myself. Not the clothing, but the stuffy exterior. I like things neat, simple, and complete. I am not into a lot of decorating past what is needed to complete the look. With Drew something clicked in my mind. What is enough? You don’t act (fill in the blank). I dealt with that as a child, young adult, and even in now, that still happens. “You don’t act/sound black”. What in the hell does that even mean? “You don’t seem/act gay”. What the actual fuck is that? (Pardon my course language.) I understood him so quickly.

Braeton, my lovely fashion bug. He is the other side of the coin. “You should tone it down”. “You are a little too gay”. What the hell! How is that a thing? I surely don’t know, but I have heard that. (I could go on about this, but I have an article coming out after the holidays that addresses this in detail.) Braeton is who Drew needs, they balance each other out. Not in the stereotypical way some may think. Braeton is all man, don’t believe otherwise. He is just himself. He is comfortable being himself. He doesn’t ask Drew to change himself, he loves him because of who he is.

What really gave me the super warm and happy feeling was the epilogue. My goodness. To be honored as such. The family you make is important. Sometimes it takes a small miracle or a little interference from fate to make you realize it. I am not close with my extended family. The friendships I have cultivated are precious, no doubt about it.

Often misquoted and rarely understood, “The blood of battle is thicker than water of the womb”. No matter your battlefield, no matter if you have shed blood physically or metaphorically, the family you build is just as important and the one you are born into.