Resistance - Lillian Francis Book provided by Signal Boost Promotion and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink

This was interesting in the modern sensibility. It takes a lot of balls to bring casual racism front and center and force the characters to deal with their ignorance. I give Ms. Francis props for that. She handles this subject matter well. There were funny moments and poignant moments that are satisfying.
The village of Sloppy Bottom reminds of the many sleepy Midwestern towns I have been too. Sweet, enduring, and just a little ignorant in some ways. I like the image she presented. Made me want to visit. I love reading books set in the UK because of the change in English. It is so pleasant to try to figure out the accents and the speech rhythms.

The characters are believable; each with redeeming qualities in the end. Rick and Mal (Malik) are interesting character studies. Rick is closeted living in this sleepy town. Mal lives out loud even being Muslim. He lives happily and I like that. He wants to love Rick (He does. You can see it in his actions). He wants to love Rick out loud. Rick wastes a lot of time resisting and hiding. Mal, given his upbringing would be the more likely candidate for being closeted. Smudge was interesting. A jerk, but his actions were often (in my opinion) arseholey.

This is a book that was hard for me to get into. There were parts that I liked more than others. I often found myself rereading parts to make sure things were clear. For a book with such well written characters and well thought out plot lines, the story itself was not as entertaining. The complexity of Mal and Rick’s relationship is what keeps the story going.