Bound: Mason's Alphas

Bound: Mason's Alphas - D.J. Heart Book provided by DJ Heart and read on Behalf of Thorns & Ink

This was an interesting read. A diversion from the author’s usual storytelling. With each book he gets better. I have really enjoyed all of his work. This is an Alpha/Omega story. For those of you who know me, this is one of my guilty reading pleasures.

The story centers on Mason (Omega) and Chris (Alpha). In this alternate reality of an alternate reality the Omegas have choice. They can be educated and work. Mason is mouthy and voices his needs and wants.
Now the twist here is that there is human trafficking going on. Chris suffered a loss and takes is upon himself to deliver vengeance. One bad day if you will. Mason suffers from it as well. Where that lands him is in a place most of us only see on the news or documentaries. (For that we should be glad.)

A curious thing happens. A drunken misunderstanding has lead Chris away from another Alpha (Mick). In need to protect Mason, Chris calls him. Something surprising happens.

For DJ, normally he jumps right into the steamy and aggressive sex. But this time he didn’t. It was a slow burn before the true burning up the sheets sex happens. It was so good. Dare I say a one handed read.

If you are looking for action and a mouthy Omega, dive right in, the water is fine.