Raven's Diary

Raven's Diary - Anastasia Vitsky Book provided by Anastasia Vitsky and read on behalf of Thorns & Ink.

A petulant woman-child and a lovely wooden spoon.

I adore this story for a variety of different reasons. Alena is the quintessential bratty submissive. She has all the qualities that would drive a seasoned dominant batty. She holds on to her fear like a small child carrying a favored wubbie. I want to spank her myself and have her stand nose to corner. My goodness the brattiness! The thing is, I love her just the same.

While contemporary settings are not a favorite, I am becoming a fan of stories that have a “slice of life” quality. Ms. Vitsky does this well. She provides an emotional connection with her story telling. She captures Alena’s newness with a freshness I have not come across in a while. Domestic discipline is a fascinating take. It is hard to capture the finesse in these types of relationships. Often, authors overlook the fine qualities in this type of relationship. The simplicity of it. Though, I am a paddle and crop kind of mistress, I appreciate the wooden spoon.

While Alena entered into the arrangement with Raven of her own free will, she continues to fight her submission every step of the way. I keep falling back on the fear that she has. I believe that she trusts Raven with her life. Yet she continues to fear. What an interesting dichotomy.

Raven has infinitely more patience than I would have. I would have freed Alena from service. She loves this silly little girl, and love makes you patient. Love is kind, love is understanding. Raven reminded me of this. All the while, Alena is driving me crazy.

I bet you are wondering if Alena gives in? Me too. I want her to. Even though she loves Raven, her fear holds her back. Fear is an interesting thing.

How many times has fear prevented you (or me for that matter) from doing something? I am not talking fear born out of trauma or past negative experiences. I am speaking on fear of the unknown. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.