Nate And The New Yorker

Nate And The New Yorker - Kevin Klehr Book provided by Kevin Klehr and read on behalf of Thorns and Ink

This was an odd one for me. To be honest, I had to start the book over midway through the second chapter. It was like walking into a movie 15 minutes late and trying to catch up on the dialogue. Nathan and Cameron aren’t what I would call star crossed lovers, but sometimes all it takes is a chance meeting.

We have Nathan, the working class kid from a small town outside of Sydney and Cameron whose family has won and worked for their fortune. Nathan spends a lot of time hung up on cash, which can destroy any relationship. Roger/Rowena was my favorite and the voice of reason. Such a hot mess of a delight. Nothing like a crossdressing butler to break the tension and make light of some a very heavy situation.

Back to Cameron and Nate, I think we have all been there with the beginning of a relationship. The doubt and holding on to the past. In order to move forward, we have to let go.
This was an interesting contemporary read for me. The author’s writing style was a bit off rhythm, but in the end he crafted a Cinderella story in reverse. That takes talent.